Conservation Zambezi, UK Registered Charity No. 1153901, supports conservation of biodiversity in the Zambezi River Valley and Basin and evolved from its original beginnings in 1992 to what it is today. Staffed by dedicated volunteers, Conservation Zambezi is proud to record its collaboration and support towards the stabilization of a secure zone primarily for African Elephant and Black Rhino as well as all other local animal species.

The preservation of Elephant, specifically, should be seen in the context of managing an economic asset with patrimonial value, which belongs to the ecological and cultural resources of Humanity in addition to being a resource for poverty eradication. The biodiversity of these Protected Areas, once destroyed, is potentially irreplaceable.

Conservation Zambezi provides essential materials and logistical support to Parks and Wildlife Management Rangers operating in the Zambezi Valley’s vast protected areas. This action continues currently through its formal alliance in June 2009 with "The Tashinga Initiative" a wildlife protection project,, which implements directly into the field.
Photos on this site are used with the kind permission of Lynne Taylor, Founder-Director, The Tashinga Initiative;
Clyde Elgar (Animal Planet, Predators’ Playground); Mike Moody (retired CZ Trustee).