Promoting & supporting the sustainability of wildlife
& wild habitats in protected areas

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About Conservation Zambezi

Established in the UK since 1992, and led by Dr Adrian Wilson, Conservation Zambezi (CZ) promotes and supports the sustainability of wildlife and wild habitats in Protected Areas (PAs) in the Zambezi River Valley and Basin.

CZ recognises that Parks Authorities and local communities living adjacent to or within PAs play a pivotal role in the conservation of the biodiversity of these areas; thus capacity building for parks rangers and local community development underpin the sustainability of wilderness.

Established in the UK in 1992

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Registered UK Charity Number

Existing alliance with The Tashinga Initiative Trust

Tashinga Initiative

Provides support to the protection of Zimbabwe’s wildlife in the Zambezi River Valley’s Protected Areas.

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We depend on your donations to protect wildlife and to support and empower parks rangers and local communities.

Our Collaboration

An existing alliance with The Tashinga Initiative Trust (TI) was forged in 2006. TI implements its projects directly in the field, benefitting the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority’s (Zimparks) wildlife protected areas.

TI offers outstanding organizational, supervisory and management skills which ensure efficient and reliable implementation of our resources to develop collaborative projects. TI works on a variety of projects: solar power, VHF radio communications, infrastructure, land and water transport, ranger training and equipment, food security for the Ranger community and more.


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